April 23/24, 2020

Rotterdam culture


Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with 600.000 inhabitants (1,2 million including Greater Rotterdam) and over 150 nationalities. It is the most important commercial city of the country, serving as a centre for the handling and distribution of over 400 million tons yearly of general cargo, dry and liquid bulk and over 10 million containers for the hinterland (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium and Eastern Europe). Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world and the home base for many important industries, especially in the petrochemical field, pharmaceutics, banking and insurance, high-tech and science. Erasmus University Rotterdam ranks among the top universities of the world, especially in the medical and economic sciences.


In the years following World War II, Rotterdam has rebuilt an - by heavy bombardments - almost totally devastated city. And the result is impressive. Rotterdam has emerged as the most modern, international oriented, high-rise city of the Netherlands. A city full of contrast, sparkling, dynamic, creative, cosy, remarkably clean and relatively inexpensive, with an imposing skyline and landmark bridges. The inner-city docklands are being transformed into attractive, lively areas with busy sidewalk cafés, innovative architecture, unique bridges and an excellent choice of shops, restaurants and bars.


Rotterdam is a city full of delightful contrasts. Past, present and future are interrelated in a dynamic townscape. Extensive reconstruction after the war resulted in a modern, streamlined metropolis with imposing buildings. The newly built "Erasmus Bridge" connects the city centre, situated on the right bank of the river with a new developing centre on the left bank.

It is a trendsetter in modern architecture and in well-known Dutch design, thus creating a fascinating skyline and fabulous business opportunities for all sorts of economic activities.

Art & Music

Rotterdam is the city of large art institutions such as the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, Kunsthal Rotterdam, the Netherlands Photo Museum and the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi). Places as de Doelen, the Rotterdamse Schouwburg and the Luxor Theater are leading in outstanding theatre, music and dance.

Always something to do

Rotterdam is the festival city of the Netherlands, with both small and large-scale events. From the International Film Festival Rotterdam to the North Sea Jazz Festival or World Port days, there is always something to do. Rotterdam is a lively metropolis all year round with countless cafes and restaurants representing every cuisine in the world.

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